Payment Protection Insurance

This section of our website contains information for customers who purchased a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policy through Northern Rock plc.

It is designed to help you identify whether you bought PPI with your loan or mortgage and explains how to make a complaint about such a policy.

There is a separate section containing information for customers holding an existing PPI policy (one that is still running) who wish to make a claim covered by the policy or have a general query about their policy.

Please be assured that by checking or complaining about PPI, neither your relationship with us, nor your credit score will be adversely affected in any way.

PPI complaints deadline
PPI claims & queries

Our commitment to our customers

At NRAM, we are committed to treating all our customers with fairness, empathy and sensitivity irrespective of their personal circumstances. We can offer additional support to customers who need it such as those who find it difficult to understand, remember and assess information, those who are experiencing health or money problems or those with disabilities or specific accessibility needs.

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